……..The bees give us honey,and the deer give us meat,                                                                 the corn plant dies,and we have food to eat…                                                                               the clouds give us water for washing and drinking                                                                           grandpa died,and left us wisdom for thinking                                                                             learning all the hard,and simple things in life,                                                                                 but where do you turn when surrounded by strife                                                                           now we talked about the honey,the deer,and the rain                                                                   but how do you keep from going insane !!                                                                                     nature gives us life,and we know that that’s true                                                                               but Jesus created nature,and he died for you!!                                                                            just like the deer that died so you could be fed?                                                                             they beat Jesus until he was dead !                                                                                                      his new body grew from out of the grave                                                                                           and he did all of that so we could be saved!!!                                                                                              a poem by, Will Jacobs

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“Kelley’s Love”

“Kelley’s Love”

Jesus gave you to me, when you had the flu?
You healed and took my heart!
The devil tried to tear us apart,
But my love for you is deep..
And your beauty surrounds my sleep!
The world is a desolate place?..
But my hope came back when I saw your face!
The things I thought I knew have left my mind..
Kelley’s “love” is much more than kind!!!
A poem by, Will Jacobs…..for Kelley Pierson !!

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….It has been said in the old days,that when you have an edge you have leverage.It has also been said when you win at cards,or you catch a thief,you say i had him right where i wanted him! This old school thinkin’ has somethin’ to do with my story… In 1973 i told my wife, let’s go see my twin brother.. My wife,and i lived in south Austin,and we got in our dark purple 1963 ford falcon,and headed for the lake travis area.My twin lived about where 2222 dead-ended into 620…Now me, and my twin were identical. We both had long blonde hippy hair,and my brother drove a black 1962 ford falcon..We pulled in the driveway at my brother’s small beat up trailer house,and got out of the car,and walked to his front porch…There was a hippy with real long hair smokin’ a joint on my brother’s front porch..Now my brother had left to get beer..You could not buy beer until 12:00 p.m. on sundays..I started to speak,and this hippie man said Kooty,where’s the beer?I said i’m not Kooty, i’m his twin brother.He said bullsh…. where’s the beer Kooty,and i said i’m not Kooty,i’m his twin brother,and he said bullsh..,and just then my twin pulled up,got out of his dark ford falcon,and as the hippie man was lookin’ over my shoulder,and seeing my twin with the beer in his hand, i looked in his stoned out eyes,and said scary isn’t it!O, his name was Gary Leverage from Chicago…That was the day,  “WE  HAD LEVERAGE”! ……. A story by, Will Jacobs….. google-reverb nation will jacobs old jake

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the, “DEFIANT ONE!” …..by,will jacobs

….Would you go up to the bar,and slap the biggest man in the place?                                Would you try to stop a robbery with a gun stuck in your face?                                             You tell me of course not,do you think that i’m a fool! If you have that much sense,           then let me talk  to you. Why is it then when life is hard,and all around you fall,the last one that you turn to is the one who made us all. You clench your fist,and scream at him,to provoke him with your eye,but he’s so big you can’t believe he sent his son to die! God cares for everyone in this world,the rich,and the poor,but people turn,and go their way,for money,and much more. His arms are open daily,and he watches late at night,but the braggers of this world,want to yell at him to fight! Compassion seems to leave us,when fads,and trends appear,and everyone’s a big shot when they drink up all the beer. Stand up,and look around,does it all look the same? What a scary situation,the sane have gone insane. Like a train that’s jumped it’s tracks,and headed for the ground,the law of gravity won’t stop it going down…If your bound,and determined not to hear,or try,there is a point of no return,and you will surely die….                                                                                               A poem by, Will Jacobs

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the idol

……It started many years  ago when the people said what if?                                                 They went to their beautiful churches,and said what if?                                                               ….So after they discussed what if,they decided to make a great “IDOL”,                               and worship it! They spent many years leaving the matters of building the idol,                  ..and perfecting the idol to other men. It was designed to make the people secure from what if. It was agreed on, from the beginning what to call the idol.                                            It is alive,and well today…They call the idol, “INSURANCE”.                                                        a  poem by,will jacobs

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The Day They Nuked My Song

Hello, World!

You cain’t make up what you’re about to read, and even if you could, why would you want to?

I got a letter back from the United States Copyright Office the other day that just… well… here, you read it, see what you think. Pay real close attention to the first sentence:

Yes. Irradiated. I-r-r-a-d-i-a-t-e-d.

Which almost spells irritated. I-r-r-i-t-a-t-e-d. As in, they want me to send them ANOTHER copy of my song, “Dust On My Piano,” which means another trip to the post office in the middle of August.

In Texas.


Now I know the U.S. Post Office is hurtin’ for business, but what I didn’t know was that they are in cahoots with the U.S. Copyright Office to generate more business. They just defaulted on a 5 billion (b-i-l-l-i-o-n) dollar payment for retirement, so I figger they must need some additional revenue to cover the widows and orphans all that fund stuff.

C’mon, you don’t really think they got a machine in Washington D.C. that zaps everthing that comes through the U.S. Copyright Office with gamma rays and other destructively invasive light particles, now do you? They’d have to buy the machine, pay someone to run it, and then pay someone to fix it when it breaks down.

And where are they gonna get THAT money from?

What they probably got is an old hound dog named Luther with three chipped teeth who eats mush and who gets an occasional chew bone reward for barking at a strange box. Chew bones cost a lot less than irradiation machines, and somewhere on a business ledger, its a minor expense listed as “minor expense” to justify the hirin’ of another hard-working citizen…

In any case, I still believe it’s all just a way to keep the U.S. Postal Service from gettin’ a tag put on its toe and some dirt thrown on it, so come sundown, when the temperature drops to 95 around here, I’m gonna have to drop another package off at the Post Office and mark it with bright red letters sayin’, “DO NOT IRRADIATE THIS TIME!”

‘Course you watch: it’ll come back with teeth marks on it, three teeth to be exact, and I’ll have to repeat the process all over again.

You just watch!

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