the, “DEFIANT ONE!” …,will jacobs

….Would you go up to the bar,and slap the biggest man in the place?                                Would you try to stop a robbery with a gun stuck in your face?                                             You tell me of course not,do you think that i’m a fool! If you have that much sense,           then let me talk  to you. Why is it then when life is hard,and all around you fall,the last one that you turn to is the one who made us all. You clench your fist,and scream at him,to provoke him with your eye,but he’s so big you can’t believe he sent his son to die! God cares for everyone in this world,the rich,and the poor,but people turn,and go their way,for money,and much more. His arms are open daily,and he watches late at night,but the braggers of this world,want to yell at him to fight! Compassion seems to leave us,when fads,and trends appear,and everyone’s a big shot when they drink up all the beer. Stand up,and look around,does it all look the same? What a scary situation,the sane have gone insane. Like a train that’s jumped it’s tracks,and headed for the ground,the law of gravity won’t stop it going down…If your bound,and determined not to hear,or try,there is a point of no return,and you will surely die….                                                                                               A poem by, Will Jacobs


About oldjake

I'm a honky-tonk piano player from Weatherford, Texas who lays brick by day and slams the keys at night.
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2 Responses to the, “DEFIANT ONE!” …,will jacobs

  1. Gwen says:

    That message is so true.

  2. oldjake says:

    Thank you Gwen…I wrote this poem 20 years ago..keep gwening Gwen….

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