….It has been said in the old days,that when you have an edge you have leverage.It has also been said when you win at cards,or you catch a thief,you say i had him right where i wanted him! This old school thinkin’ has somethin’ to do with my story… In 1973 i told my wife, let’s go see my twin brother.. My wife,and i lived in south Austin,and we got in our dark purple 1963 ford falcon,and headed for the lake travis area.My twin lived about where 2222 dead-ended into 620…Now me, and my twin were identical. We both had long blonde hippy hair,and my brother drove a black 1962 ford falcon..We pulled in the driveway at my brother’s small beat up trailer house,and got out of the car,and walked to his front porch…There was a hippy with real long hair smokin’ a joint on my brother’s front porch..Now my brother had left to get beer..You could not buy beer until 12:00 p.m. on sundays..I started to speak,and this hippie man said Kooty,where’s the beer?I said i’m not Kooty, i’m his twin brother.He said bullsh…. where’s the beer Kooty,and i said i’m not Kooty,i’m his twin brother,and he said bullsh..,and just then my twin pulled up,got out of his dark ford falcon,and as the hippie man was lookin’ over my shoulder,and seeing my twin with the beer in his hand, i looked in his stoned out eyes,and said scary isn’t it!O, his name was Gary Leverage from Chicago…That was the day,  “WE  HAD LEVERAGE”! ……. A story by, Will Jacobs….. google-reverb nation will jacobs old jake


About oldjake

I'm a honky-tonk piano player from Weatherford, Texas who lays brick by day and slams the keys at night.
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