A Very Sweet Glow

……King Conor MacNessa died with honor…. King MacNessa cut at the trees, when the sky had turned black,and he was very dis-pleased, by a terrible act! When he heard what they told, his mind went insane..The most holy of all tortured in pain..in a moment MacNessa  saw lightning,and rain! He hacked at the trees,and in anger he spoke,he fell to his knees, and died with a choke,a believer in deed?…Who ruled through the years with an iron rule?Who taught many in their unruly school ? ..The libraries are full of their truthful story,but most will not read, because it’s much too gorey..They took the gold,and they took the soul,and mocked all who would fight,and killed pagans,and christians with all of their might!They slew the Incas,and the Aztecs,and Mexicans too,and the things they did to women are surely not untrue…For 2000 years we’ve known who to blame,but courage is costly,and many don’t complain.  For those who know,and never speak,they will lose their glow,and never peak. Wake up,and talk, the talk of the true,for an all see-ing eye is looking at you…The 7 eyes that roam to,and fro,looking for those, with ” a very sweet glow.”             A Poem by, Will Jacobs


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