A Little About Me…

Hello, World!

My name is Will Jacobs, but I’ve been better known as Old Jake for longer than I can really remember. If you like authentic honky-tonk piano, and I mean the stuff that puts hair on your chest, and sauce on your BBQ, you’ve come to right place to hear a thing, or two about it, and whatever else is wanderin’ across my mind at the moment…

I lay brick by day, and make music the rest of the time. I’ve lived in Texas forever, and have played from one end of the state to the other. Music is my gift to the world, and I figger you might be interested in hearing a strange tale or two about it along the way.

Thanks for droppin’ by, and I’ll be launchin’ my official website in a few weeks, at www.oldjake.com…  Come on by there too, where I’ll have music samples, and some albums for sale.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Old Jake

Weatherford, Texas…. google to-(reverb nation will jacobs old jake).


3 Responses to A Little About Me…

  1. Stevie D. Russell says:

    Just saw you at the Weatherford Peach Festival, you were great especially David Allen Coe song.. Stevie d

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