…..When I was young I would play checkers with my dad…He knew how to win early in the game..His strategy was to make me jump him by pushing his checkers in front of mine..After I jumped him a few times, he would gain control early in the game..Today the world is ripe for a,demagogue turned,”dem-i-god”..When one charming man appears to be God-like,and then he starts slipping in the polls he will be desperate! That man,and his people will re-nig on Darwin,U.F.O.S,and “THE BIG BANG THEORY”…At this moment in history this dem-i-god will jump God…He will say,look the “global people”got it wrong..He will say forget Darwin,U.F.O.S,and “the big bang theory”..The dem-i-god will say, the truth is there is a God, but he is not fair,or just,and he has never been!..This man will slander God!..He may talk about things that happened in the old testament..This man will accuse God of wrongful actions!!….He will slander “THE CREATOR”..God will have him beat early in the game,because God is always in control……God knows about his “Global Warming”…..the spanking is coming….The “VEN-GEANCE” is  coming!…                             by….Will Jacobs


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