It’s that time of year again,when people dress up like dead people…I get offended when i see them !..I have seen death and dead bodies..I have seen people dead after a car wreck..(not fun!) I had to spend an afternoon with my daughter’s dead body laying in a casket..that day was not fun,or funny…I watched my twin slowly wither away.. Death is painful,hurtful and sometimes tragic !..Why would any dumb-ass want to mimic death?..Why would anybody want to dress up like a dead person?..You wont see soldiers doing this,because they know how sacred life is!..So if you want to call me weird when I don’t follow along I don’t care..We now have people cutting people’s heads off and we have ebola!..Will people take the Halloween approach when people start to die by be-heading or ebola?..The next time you deal with death call me and tell me if you’re having fun..When you’re on your death-bed will you think that is fun time?…. death, IS NOT A GAME! death is “HALLOWED GROUND!”…


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