……They won the game so well,                                                                                                        but two boys were hurt in the game                                                                                                        and their heads begin to swell?                                                                                                        and they endured their teams fame..                                                                                                  If your kids kill in a game,                                                                                                                     they will kill in a war..                                                                                                                              after they kill,who will they blame?                                                                                                 when they are drunk at the bar?                                                                                                    Who planned all these sports things?                                                                                                 and who makes all the winning rings?                                                                                           and what happens to those that lose?                                                                                              did they have a chance to choose?                                                                                                 Winning is always number one                                                                                                        will heartfelt love ever come?                                                                                                                the ways of man never works                                                                                                                  the brute beast have there perks…                                                                                                       at the end of time when evil men fail and die                                                                                maybe then we can feel our spirits cry?                                                                                        And wipe away our tears where no evil will be..                                                                               And love one another through all “eternity”…                                                                        a… Will Jacobs