“Kick me while i’m down”

….kick me while i’m down,it’s the new fad in town                                                                           kick me while i’m down turn my smile into a frown                                                                   some of the poor do the same,because they don’t share the blame                                      havin’ no money makes you grow in Christ                                                                               havin’ too much makes ya roll the dice                                                                                               a dicey situation brings you to your knees                                                                               people who don’t pray scurry around like bees                                                                              people are rewarded for fame and glory                                                                                 thousands don’t watch t.v. cause it’s the same ol’ story                                                                 so kick me while i’m down make a big deal about money                                                       when you spit on me call your wife honey                                                                                     the same thing happened to men and women of old                                                                   and their spirits got, refined,refined into pure gold                                                                         so when money is no good and ya throw it in the streets                                                       that’s when “GOD”will win and give us all treats!….                                                                                       a will jacobs poem….


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