“Sweet John”

….Sweet John was a friend of mine. He was a neighbor that lived next door at a flea-bag motel called, The Star Motel…This motel was a hang out for poor people…A few were nice,but most were drunks,drug people,and other wayward folks…John worked every day,and drank two six packs of beer every night,but he treated me better than any preacher every treated me!…He was tall, and skinny this John fellow..I use to play my 8 track tapes for him.. He liked Lefty Frizzell,and so did I..I played guitar,and sang for John.. I think I played piano for him..He did like my c.d… One day John told me his story..         John said when he was about 14 years old his mother was driving down the road with him,  his brother,and sister…All of a sudden bam!!…A drunk driver hit them head on..Right then,and there it killed his mother,and sister,and crippled his brother for life! John was also injured. The next day John woke up in a hospital room,and found out the mexican man who was driving the car that killed his mother,and sister was sharing his hospital room.When he heard this, he somehow got out of his bed,and went to the man’s bed that was sound asleep.He was standing right by this man’s bed,and he was going to kill this, son of a bitch!..At that moment he heard something. The preacher from his church had walked in,and knew this situation. The preacher man said no! John don’t do it! The preacher man walked over to the bed,and grabbed the covers,and pulled them back.. He said look John,he lost both of his legs,and his wife,and two little kids were killed in the wreck,and this poor mexican man knows he was drunk when the wreck happened! What more punishment can you give him John? If this man is alive today, he don’t even know John was going to kill him,because at the time he was asleep!..After John told me the story he said,Will, do ya want a beer,and I said sure.So I had me a beer with sweet John..So in the Mournin’ if it’s Sunday ladies,and you are driving down the road behave! If you see a tall gentle man drinkin’ a beer on his porch, keep your damned mouth shut! Did I just cuss? You damned right I did…If we can’t tolerate men,and women cussing,then how sorry,and hopeless are we?                                                                                                                    A Story by…Will Jacobs


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