…..When Jeffrey Dahmer felt the crashing blow from the pipe,and fell dead, did he see the bright lights of heaven? Did Henry Ford,”the tyrant” see the tunnel of light when he died?Will people that hate people,hurt children,and hurt old people see the bright tunnel of light to heaven when they die?Do rapist see heaven when they die? Can we live any way we want to,and still go to heaven?Can we live only for our self,and what we want,and then see our bright karma light? John Wayne Gacy,David Koresh,Jim Jones,and Ted Bundy…Did they see the lights of heaven?..What about the dangers of fame?.People get sucked into it,and they think they can do good!……Look at what money,and fame did to,Amy Winehouse,Michael Jackson,and Whitney Houston..What are your true motives?..We are a vexed nation!..Alcoholics,church-a-holics,and work-a-holics are running from something?…Real reality?.. What reality? “a die-ing world” that desperately needs help!..People do drugs to not see reality!so many escapes..”glass bubbles”.. We need love!..LOVE comes from somewhere. I wonder where?..Love does not come from food,drugs,alcohol,murder,sex,or selfishness..Love did not come from,”THE BIG BANG”! Am I talking in circles? “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT NOW!”….We want structured lives,and we want all of our beliefs in a package..That’s what Elvis had..A nice little packaged life surrounded by simple simons who did not warn him of his bad choices…Love comes from God…Hate comes from mankind..Read all of history…GOD gets an A+,and man get a big  F….Man’s religion,whether pagan,or “church like” does not work! …   A real church has love……..IT IS NOT THE BUILDING!!!…….  When I go to the store to buy my groceries I am reminded of hollywood,nashville,the “bling bling” people,and devas..When you look at their tragic lives on the magazine rack, why would you want to live like that?Are you tired as a poor abandoned  dog on the street? I suggest if you are reading this to stop,and say, Hey GOD!!! Where do people go when they die!!..(the answer will come)..Some people talk about Karma,then there was, reverend Moon,Jim Jones,and many others…Some people think the next president will save us..Wake up people!! Be careful who you follow…We have had communism,socialism,and capitalism with no checks,or balances..Who will you serve? Good,or evil?..Matthew Chapter 7 verse 21….When you die will you go through the tunnel of “THE BRIGHT LIGHT”?                    by,  Will Jacobs


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