….It was 1999,and the summer was almost over,and it was the last night,before I had to take my 5 year old daughter to the Dallas airport, to fly back to Houston to live with her mother…Now my daughter,Hanah wanted to stay up late,and have some fun…I noticed she was moving things around in the corner of the living room. She came up to me,and said Daddy!,let’s have a bouquet..I said what?She said daddy,let’s have a bouquet..I tried to figure out what she meant..I said baby I don’t understand what you mean.She said, you know, a Bouquet!..My mind thought,and thought,and I said,do you mean a “date”?. Hanah’s eyes got big,and she said yes,a bouquet… So I helped her move her small table,and chairs a certain way,and she put something that looked like flowers on the table.I took Dr. Pepper,and poured it into special glasses..ha ha…I am a grown man sitting down with a 5 year old girl that thinks a bouquet is a date..At that moment I looked at Hanah Bannana,and said,you know what we’re doin’ right now is just a moment..Hanah this is a,  “moment in time” that we will remember years from now when we are old…The oddest thing happened in Hanah’s eyes when I said this..I looked in her eyes,and I knew she understood exactly what I meant..I just told her about this fleeting moment,and at 5 years old she knew!..Right then a tear ran down my little Hanah’s face,and she said,why did grandma die? I said I don’t know Hanah,and she cried,and I cried,and then we had the greatest “BOUQUET” that I ever had!………..


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