“The Hour of Mercy”

I Played a nursing home about three weeks ago…I had not rehearsed any material for a long period,so i was cold….I sat down on the piano bench, and saw the faces of about 20,or 30 people,and my mind was blank! My hands moved down suddenly,and begin playin’ a new boogie romp i had just written lately…Sometimes you go through something so out of this world you can’t explain it..Hank knew about it,Ray Charles,and some others…Somehow i played,and sang that song,and all the others perfect!!The songs fell into an order…There would be slow,fast,boogie,waltz,polka,gospel…there were tears,and smiles..I felt what Hank,and Ray felt many times in their lives,and i am fortunate to get such a luxury!..  The small crowd of mostly ladies in wheel chairs were very intune with what was flowing through me,and i looked at one of the ladies,and said i sent the child support,and hug that ugly kid we never liked…which got a roar of laughter!..Money is not the main thing in life…When i hurt,and i see those old people hurt, i am not thinkin’ of money….i just want to sing them a nice song,and end with something gospel…That was a beautiful hour..Their; “Hour of Mercy”….  by,Will Jacobs


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