the mudcat dance

One night i was playin’ piano with, ‘The O’Neall Brothers’ from Gonzales,Texas.I think it was the summer of 1980.We were playin’ at Lindenau Hall,about 10 miles west of Cuero….The drummer was very good,and kept perfect rhythm,but there will be trouble before this night is over.I noticed somewhere in our first set,as i looked out into the darkness of the crowd,a staggerin’damsel, with a bee-hive hairdo, attempting to dance,and then,POW!(we had eye contact!)…oh boy! I knew she wanted to fight,or well,maybe somethin’ else?She eventually made a bee-line strait to the stage. She was now standing right next to my piano glaring at me as i tickled those 88s…With a smirk,and a smile she tore into some kind of fertility dance!..The entire band was now lookin’ toward my side of the stage.(the stage was set)..As the band,and i played i watched with great  concern,because she was losing her luster,and becoming a wilted problem..Finally,BREAK TIME!yes..I found a good hiding place,and tried to avoid her at all cost,but between the second set,and the last set, i found myself setting on the ground, under a tree,behind the dance hall, sharing a half drank bottle of whiskey with this creature!….As we both sat on the ground, and passed the bottle back,and forth,i don’t think our conversation was a world shaking event,or a ground breaker..While we were possibly entertaining bad behavior, i heard something that brought me to my feet!I jumped up,and said,O NO!! She said,what! I said,the band’s playin’,and i’ve got to get on that stage now!!I pulled her off the ground,and said help me! We walked behind the building,to the window where the stage was…The window to the stage was high up….I kept jumping trying to grab it..At that moment she honkered down,and i stood on her shoulders,and we were both wilted at this point,and i said push! She pushed,and i leaped,and i went through the window end over end,and landed on my back on the stage,and as i looked to the left,the perfect drummer broke rhythm!…He lost two,or three beats,and his eyes looked like quarters…A few minutes later the drunkin’ damsel came through the front door of the dance hall with some guy..The guy was her husband..yikes!..The bee-hive lady still staggering got on the dance floor,and danced so hard that she kept fallin’ down,and rolling on the dance floor! As she rolled on the floor her bee-hive hairdo was unravelling,one strand at a time.Before the night was over she looked like, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN!…She also created a new dance that we called “the mudcat”..When we loaded the equipment,and left the dance hall that night,we looked back,and the police were cuffing her….That was the only time in my life i ever saw my favorite drummer buddy break time! He lost two,or three beats before he came back to reality – the gig ……………….google-reverb nation will jacobs old jake


3 Responses to the mudcat dance

  1. Shomo says:

    Will i know this is true only because i have been fortunate to be with you when the unbleaveable happens and it just a part of you that brings these unbleable thing out

  2. Ha Ha…That’s Will!!!

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