The Old Days

…..My dear friend,David Aldridge that set up this blog would be disappointed, if I go too much longer without tellin’ one of my infamous beer-joint stories….Sooo here goes?….Let me say right here in the beginning of this story, there was a lady that got away..She was the one that I believe to this day was my soul mate for life,and I let her slip away…It was complicated…Her name was Lorretta Turner,and she sang in the band I was playin’ in.. It was the 1970s,or 1980s.. She was great at sports,and knew sports..She was a great base ball pitcher that I pitched the right line to…maybe it was the eye contact,or my piano..I don’t know! We use to harmonize on a song she sang called “Loving Arms”by,Dobie Gray… She was one of the few human beings I enjoy remembering…I don’t think she knew how special she was. I hope she is alive today,because she had a classy heart! You know I played so many beer-joints that were rowdy,but I prefer south Texas over north Texas…I was raised in north Texas,but I am definitely a south Texas kind of guy..I played at Brooks Beer Garden in downtown Austin on 6th street, before they made 6th street all fancy.. there was real culture there… Brooks was the only totally black night club downtown..The brothers,and the sisstas did like my style of playin’…They treated me better than the white people..They almost tore my shirt off grabin’,and pullin’ after I finished Last Date!  A bunch of them fellows brought me beer..I sure liked the way they treated me…Once I played Last Date by Floyd Crammer,and Whole lot of Shakin’, I was “in like flint”! I never had to buy my beer, once I played those two songs…I played where it was rowdy…I mean cedar choppers,construction people,farmers,ranchers,”ladies of the evening”! (the tobacco road people)…Sometimes it was just right!! We all finished our work week,and I would start the first song,and end on a night with no fights…The married couples were the best,with a few stags thrown in…Ah! I can just look back,and see neon signs with a cold long-neck in my hand at break time….sweeet…One place I loved to play was “The Red Barn”in Kemah, just down the road from N.A.S.A.on the outskirts of Houston…It was not big…It would probably hold 100,or 200 people,and the heavy set lady that took the cover charge money told me I had a very pretty singin’ voice..She was an angel…I played with “The Ric Austin Band” from Pasadena,tx.,and we loved the sound in that place..It had a low ceiling,and you could get a very good sound through our amps, and p.a. system…The crowd was the workin’ class,so the dance floor was packed!I would chat with the nice lady at the front door when I was on break…That was a good band..They let me sing a little…Back in about 1979, I had a band called,”Old Jake and The Skyriders”..We use to play a place called ,The Stumble Inn in Oak Hill,a little town on the edge of south Austin…Wyatt Arp was my guitar player….The Stumble Inn was layed out well…Ya walk in,and 15,or 20 feet from the door is the bar,and you turn right,and there are the tables,and chairs..The stage was just big enough.Mark Singer played drums with Chuck Berry at “The Paramont”,and the next night he played drums for me at the stumble inn for chump change! ha ha.. One night my twin Warren,and Jackie Gandy entertained me while I was lookin’ over my piano…They got this notion that this old lady might want to go on an adventure with one of them. They were tryin’ to out do one another..Lets just say I was smilin’,and taking notes in my head..Hey.. I have done crazier things than any of them! ,,but this was their night to be goofy…They tried to swoon that old lady off her feet…a lot of beer was drank in the process..Ask Jackie Gandy what happened in the parkin’ lot before we left,and what happened on the way home..Hey Jackie,who was that guy, that ate his bar glass? ha ha..I use to play at a little “piano bar” just off burnett road in Austin,Texas..It was called, LA LA’S, where it was christmas every day, with the chritstmas tree blinking all year!..I played solo every sunday night…One night I took a break,and La La said, she wanted to talk to me.. She sat down,and said, Jake it has been too slow,and if we have a slow night, I will have to let you go…When she left my table I went outside to the pay phone, and called everyone I could think of to come out, and hear me play… When I got back behind the piano, I looked out,and saw bricklayers,bikers,and all kinds of wild people dancin!!… I was gettin’ down on a boogie woogie romp,and looked on the dance floor,and William Johnson’s boy Robbie had took off his clothes,and was dancin’ in his underwear…(white briefs)…Boy those people partied down…When the dust settled,and they were gone it was time to get my money,and go home…I figured I was fired for my friends behavior,but LA LA gave me my money,and smiled, and said see ya next sunday.                   (the cash register rang a lot on that night!) google-(reverb nation will jacobs old jake).


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