“The Walkin’ Man”

….I don’t recognize America anymore….It is like walkin’ through a foreign land..November of 2000 I parked my truck in front of my mother’s house,and walked away..This November makes 14 years that I have not owned a vehicle..I have walked through northern,and central New Mexico,Oklahoma,northern,central,and south Texas for 14 years,and have mingled with the poorest of the poor..I have worked playing piano,washing dishes,laying rock,and a few times begged for money….I noticed that during this period of my life that sports,politics,music,and religion have turned into some kind of hollywood production..I have noticed public schools force the kids to be politically correct!The kids don’t give a dam about rightwing – leftwing nonsense..Oh,there are always the elite kids that have team spirit,while the poor kids have broken spirits..I see rudeness when I walk..I see shiny cars,and shiny trucks..The roadrage always comes from the shiny car people!..God help the few of us that love…People want me to vote for a blasphemer as lesser of two evils?..GOD HELP US ALL!!..I saw a truck the other day,and for the first time in a long time I desired a thing..I desired a mechanical horse?…In the 1800s if you were seen walkin’ the indians,cowboys,and mexicans might think you were a bum…Well I have no horse,and I am (NOT A BUM!)..thank you very much…Many of (US) built America..without the working class,and the praying people this country would be,  NOTHING!.Oh,I did ask God to help me get that truck…I am still walkin’,but content in my soul..In all my walkin’ the way I see it is, that a lot of the “shiny car people,” traded their souls for a shiny car.. .Now don’t you tell me that’s not true!!…If Standing Bear,Sitting Bull,or Red Cloud were alive today they would agree with me..I will walk today in a lost land called America,and hope to see one face with sacred motives.. Walkin’ in a land stolen from many tribes,and stolen from many Mexican people..And we say God bless these actions with no repentance?..I am on a quest…God help, “The Walkin’ Men”.     A Story by, Will Jacobs


5 Responses to “The Walkin’ Man”

  1. Shomo says:

    Hey Will i know you will be playin and singing to someone who needs to here you.I hope your day is full and you have a warm meal ,thinkin of you you old friend i did read you comment ,thanks .Happy Thanksgiving but i got to say them Indians who helped the pilgrums sure got Fuc@#$…..My house is your house any day.

  2. james says:

    good words Will keep walking talking. and being the pulse everywhere you go.

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